The Service Committee will support of broad view of "service" focused on these three categories:

Service to Local Communities and the Public:  Activities of benefit to the community in which a member resides, which may/may not be focused on dogs.  Some examples may include: volunteering with shelters or dog clubs, volunteering with community activities, participation in food/supply drives for humane societies/shelters, joining charitable fundraising "dog walk" and other events, therapy dog and service dog  work in schools and nursing homes, and the like.

Service to the Scottie Community:  Educating our membership about STCA and university research programs designed to help preserve and maintain the health of our breed.  Some examples include: submitting information to the STCA DNA databank, pedigree databank and/or longevity databank projects and/or pertinent health studies, encouraging members to have fun with their Scotties showcasing their well trained companions who are good canine ambassadors through obedience training, earning a Canine Good Citizen credential/service dog/therapy dog credenial, and increasing awareness of the breed at a variety of public events.

Service to our Members (Each Other):  Primarily an educational focus to share information with our members about issues and opportunities for our Scotties.  Some examples include lists of resources, providing educational materials and workshops, sharing updates about new advances in testing and vet care, and the like.

We encourage all our members to get involved! 

Contact Service Committee Chairperson Colleen Rafatti for ideas and information: 

Email to 

or call/text to 863-443-1152.

Member participation in service projects and "star performers" in accruing service hours, will be recognized at the STCTB Annual Meeting!

To submit your service hours (and photos) complete and submit the brief form at the bottom of this page.

Purpose: To encourage community service as a means of providing additional opportunities for our members to engage with their dogs, each other, and their communities as well as showcase the Scottish Terriers' ability to bring joy in yet another meaningful way.

STCTB and the Great American Cleanup! 

March 4, 2023

Volunteers organized by Pam Murray recently participated in the Great American Cleanup in their local communities by collecting and disposing of trash.  Barry and Mariann Kreiling (with Sadie) and Pam Murray (with Stirling) cleaned up the bike trail in Brooksville.  Denise and Neil Chivington (with Max and Angus) cleaned up in Trinity and Donna Johnson (with Moxie) cleaned up in her Valrico neighborhood. 

Thank You and Arooos to These Members for Their Service Activity!

Submit this short online form to let us know about your service activities and receive club service credit!

Service Committee Activities and Projects