• State:       Florida
  • Member:   Margareta Coxe
  • Phone:     941-302-1932
  • Kennel:   
  • Website:  
  • Email:     mccrazyhorse@aol.com
  • State:        Florida
  • Member:   Jene Anderson, AKC Breeder of Merit
  • Phone:    352-208-8982
  • Kennel:   Brookstone Scottish Terriers
  • Website:
  • Email:    Brookstonescotties@gmail.com
  • State:       Florida
  • Member:   Sonia Hollnagel Bisquolo
  • Phone:      407-579-4405
  • Kennel:     Dufftown Scotties
  • Website:  
  • Email:     soniahollnagel@att.net

 STCTB Website Breeder Referral Listing Guidelines

Effective November 01, 2019 any STCTB member wishing to be listed on this page

must submit the following information to Donna Johnson via email at donnajohnson20@gmail.com  

  • State of residence
  • Member name
  • Phone number
  • Kennel name,
  • Email address.
  • Website URL (if applicable)

Updates, additions and deletions will be done upon request.

STCTB Breeder Referral List

There are two general options to consider when looking for a Scottie... provide a loving "forever home" to a rescue Scottie, or purchase your Scottie from a responsible breeder.

  • State:        Florida
  • Member:  Sheila-Faith Barry, AKC Breeder of Merit
  • Phone:                 
  • Kennel:    Camdyn Scottish Terriers
  • Website:  
  • Email:      camdynscotties@yahoo.com

   Think a Scottie is Right for Your

   Family and Want to Find One?

Purchase from a Reputable Breeder
If rescue is not the best option for your family and you, instead, opt to purchase a Scottie through the Scottish Terrier Club of America (STCA) breeder referral network. The breeder referral chairperson, Tambre Knox, can assist you in locating a breeder and available puppies in your area.

National STCA Representative
Tambre Knox
STCA Breeder Listing

While it is tempting to begin your search by going to a pet store, or looking online or in the classified ads, we urge you to contact the STCA first.  One of the single most important decisions- for your satisfaction and the future well being of the breed- is to ensure that you receive a happy, healthy dog to join your family. 

The STCTB has among its members some of the most reputable and responsible breeders in the country. By contacting the club you are ensuring that you will be talking to members who care and are 100% committed to the health of the breed.  This means that you will only be matched with a dog that is truly a great representation of the breed that has been brought up in the best environment possible.   We encourage potential new owners to review the list of thoughtful STCTB member breeders who stand behind the quality of their puppies, shown below.

  • State:        Florida
  • Member:   Diane Ray, AKC Breeder of Merit
  • Phone:      352-205-1234
  • Kennel:     Misty Highlands Scottish Terriers
  • Website: 
  • Email      myscottiemindy@aol.com
  • State:       Florida
  • Member:   Pam Murray
  • Phone:     253-224-6591
  • Kennel:    MoreJoy Scottish Terriers
  • Website:  
  • Email:     pam@joyloft.com

Adopt a Rescue Scottie

Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida (STROF) can provide you information about adopting a rescue Scottie.  There are loving Scotties of all ages and descriptions available who want nothing more than a permanent, safe home where they can repay their adoptive parents with loyal companionship, snuggles, and an occasional wet Scottie kiss!  Temporary foster homes are also needed at times for rescue Scotties in need of medical care and rehabilitation until they are ready for a permanent new home.

Adopting or fostering a Scottie who needs a new home is immensely rewarding and truly "a labor of love".

Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida

Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida (STROF)

is dedicated to the rescue and placement

of homeless and displaced Scottish Terriers

in Florida.

For immediate rescue assistance contact STROF at:



Facebook   (STRofFlorida)

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General Breed Information

Scottish Terrier Club of America (STCA)
Information of special interest to owners of Scottish Terriers including breed standard, breeder referral, health and safety, and rescue.

American Kennel Club  (AKC)


Wealth of information for dog owners, dog breeders and general public about dog-related events and shows, registration,  dog health and safety,and legislation.

Florida Association of Kennel Clubs (FAKC)


An association of dog breed clubs and dog interest groups in Florida focused on the protection and well-being of purebred dogs.