Summer-Fall 2016

Reports- Annual Dinner and Meeting

Save the Date- Fall Fun Day, 2016 Specialty Show

Story:  Junior Nick Corsberg and his Scottie Cera

Scottie rescue story:  Gabby and the Morgan's

Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida updates

Quilt raffle to support TCC research (Purdue)

Rainbow Bridge, Scottie S.T.A.R.S., new litters

Story:  WW2 Scottie

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November 2015

In loving memory- Joe Whitney.

Reports- Fall Fun Day, specialty show plans

Scottie Fall Fun Day- pictures, pictures, pictures!
Updates/information: Specialty show, Eukanuba show

Introducing Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida (STROF)

New litter announcements, show wins and brags

Logan's Scottie Adventure- Travelin' Man!

Features- finding a lost dog, recipes

Scotties at Work- Ainsley, the TDI Scottie

Rainbow Bridge and rescue stories: MacTavish, Haggis

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SHARING- Public Service Announcement

American Kennel Club 11-8-21

Note:  Rest in peace and enjoy playing at the Rainbow Bridge Logan (RBB 10-20-2021)

2018-2019 Year in Review

2018 & 2019 Annual Dinner and Awards Banquet

Last year’s annual dinner was held at the Ventura Country Club in Orlando. The raffle item was a framed original artwork by Catherine Michael, “Ready to Em-Bark”. This was the theme for our 2017 Specialty. Pam Lowe was the lucky winner. In addition to the raffle Donna Johnson had a nice selection of boutique items and prepared exquisite Silent Auction baskets. This year our annual dinner will be held Saturday, June 15, at the Macaroni Grill in Brandon. We picked this date and location to coincide with the five day all breed dog show held at the Florida Fairgrounds in Tampa. Details of the dinner will be on our website.

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2020-2021 Year in Review

Annual meeting will be conducted in June 2021, via Zoom.  A Radley wallet (donated by Jene Anderson) will be raffled.

The fall National Champtionship Dog Show in Orlando, Florid will not include Meet the Breed booths this year.  Instead, AKC will conduct similar Meet the Breed events at several locations around the country... Florida will be the host for one in September in Tampa.

We will soon welcome new officers to the Board.  Please share your ideas with them!

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Spring 2016

Reports- Specialty Show and Sweepstakes, Spring Fling

Save the Date- Annual Meeting, 2016 Specialty Show

Report of the STCTB Nominating Committee

Scottie S.T.A.R. and rescue story:  Abby and Janet Skinner

Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida updates

Quilt raffle to support TCC research (Purdue)

Rainbow Bridge, Logan's Scottie Adventure

Remembering Buffy Stamm

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2019-2020 Year in Review

2019 & 2020 Annual Dinner and Awards Banquet --

was held at the Macaroni Grill in Brandon, FL.

The raffle basket item was won by Judy Makem. 

The theme for the 2019 Specialty Show was announced... "Let it Snow- Someplace ELSE!"

Planning and recognition to the Show Committee and Breed Booth organizers were noted.

Winner of the Fairway Scots Challenge Trophy was announced.

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September 14, 2021

Dear Scottish Terrier Club of Tampa Bay Supporters,

The Annual Specialty show is planned for December 17th in Orlando with the theme “Step Up Scottie Stars”. It will be held in conjunction with the AKC Annual Championship Show. The Show Committee has been working hard to bring together a show worthy of our scotties, with top judges, a supported entry on Thursday, beautiful prizes and a great raffle item.

Consider supporting the club with an ad in the show catalog! Emphasize the positive after a year of negatives – honor a beloved scottie “star”, thank a scottie friend, or celebrate a new champion or a new puppy.

Ad costs this year are $20 for a quarter page ad, $45 for a half page with one photo, and $60 for a whole page with one photo. Our deadline is October 20. We are working on setting up a PayPal option on the STCTB website and you will also be able to pay with a check.

A follow up email with payment details will be sent as soon as the PayPal option is functional.

Thanks for your support, the Show Committee truly appreciates it.
Stay safe and see you at the Show.

Tony Asaro
Advertising Chair561-715-5595

Current Club Communications- 2021


Communications Archive

STCTB Newsletter Library

August 2015

Reports- Annual dinner, Fall Fun Day, specialty show

Scottie "summer fun" photo contest- winners!
Update/video: My cousin wants to be a champion!

Logan's Scottie Adventure- Party! Party! Party!

Health and safety articles: Bufo toads, Nylabone recall, bites and stings, heatstroke, tick removal, UF resources, SNAP test for Leptospirosis, safe foods.

Rescue story: Shirley

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March 2015

Meet the Editors; Logan's resume

Rescue story:  Lacy

"Fans of Scotties" fall fun day

Resources for Scottie parents

Logan's Scottie Adventure- "The Lizard"

Article: Show dog names

Article:  STCA's Pedigree Photo Project

                                              ...and much more!

May 2015

Announcements- specialty show , annual dinner

Article: Knopa- Best in Show at Crufts 2015

Article: Sago palm poisoning

Logan's Column: My cousin wants to be a champion!

Article: Beware the Beloved Scottish Thistle

Rescue stories: Winston, Abbie

Thank You- Animal Coalition of Tampa

Logan's Scottie Adventure- "Earthdog"

                                         ...and much more!

Official Newsletter of the Scottish Terrier Club of Tampa Bay (Florida)