Andresen, Linda

Southmoon Scottish Terriers

Scotties: Elke, Owney, Dewey

Archer, Florida

O through U

Murray, Pam

MoreJoy Scottish Terriers

Scotties: Sadie, Stirling, Tally

Spring Hill, Florida

Stolicny, Paula

Scotties:  Robbie, Woodie

Orlando, Florida

V through Z

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Anderson, Jene

Brookstone Scottish Terriers

Scotties:  Baker, Breeze, Paige, Greer and Tyra

Ocala, Florida

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As of 1-25-2023

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Rafatti, Colleen and Chuck

Rose Hill Scottish Terriers

Scotties:  Bristol, Jack

Sebring, Florida

H through N

Tankersley, Linda and Bill

Scotties: Tanker

Safety Harbor, Florida

A through G

STCTB Member Directory

Hunter, Rick and Marcia

Scottie:  Winston

Dover, Florida

Tomlinson, Janet

Aerohill Scottish Terriers

Scotties: Willow, Forbes, Chloe

Wellington, Florida