There is a moment in time where every Scottie Mom (and Dad) realizes just how deeply they care for their beloved fur kid. Whether it is the first time the pup was spotted at a shelter or after that devious Scottie was caught stealing clothes from the laundry bin or raiding the trash can (again!), Scottie Moms and Dads are often quick to give away their hearts to their furry companions and pledge - unbeknownst to them until now - to abide by the Scottie Mom (or Dad) Creed.

So help me Scottie, I pledge to stick by your side through thick and thin, through happy times and sad, through sickness and good health and to provide a safe and loving home.

 Care is what you need and I, as your Scottie Mom (or Dad), will gladly provide.

Our bond will be strong, thanks to reciprocated loyalty and an unending desire to make each other the happiest and healthiest we can be.

Treats will be given freely as a token of my love and, when possible, we'll embark upon travels and other means of exploration together to keep your Scottie mind active and engaged.

 Trust is love, and love is trust. I vow to honor your trust, which you so willingly give, and always look out for your well-being and best interests.

I solemnly pledge to give you, my dear Scottie, my heart, my home and anything else you deem "yours." Even if that means we share everything...including my bed!

 Exceptional love, kindness, protection and commitment are all things I promise to provide.

Loneliness is a feeling you will never know under my care.

Our friends and families all know of my dedication to you, dear Scottie, and are aware of what my wishes are in terms of your care-giving should anything ever happen to me, and they will aid and assist you in transition however possible.

Vows, such as the ones I make to you at this moment, are never to be broken. Your heart, as big and strong as it is, is also delicate and will never be hurt by a broken promise of mine.

 Even at my weakest, you will know my love to be the strongest. For I, as your Scottie Mom (or Dad), know no love that is greater than Scottie Love and this is why I sign and commit to living by the Scottie Mom (or Dad) Creed.

Reprinted with permission of

Scottie Mom

  About  the Breed

Scotties are" big dogs in a little package". They normally weigh in around 18-25 lbs (although some are larger) and are black, brindle or wheaten (light tan) in color. They need to be professionally groomed (bathed, clipped) on a regular basis (every 6 – 8 weeks), brushed and combed at least once a week, and kept free of fleas and parasites.

We know that Scotties are not the breed for everyone, so we try to make sure that you know something about this breed before you make the long term commitment to care for and love one of these dogs. Scotties do need to be primarily inside dogs and we will not place dogs in homes where they will be left outside for extended periods.

Scotties originally came from Scotland where they were bred to hunt vermin. Their prey-drive is usually very strong, and nothing can stop them once they have their mind made up.  They love to hunt mice, lizards, birds... just about anything that moves.  Their powerful jaws can instantly kill rodents.

Our beloved Scotties are loyal, independent, and aloof at times, but are grand masters at stealing hearts. They can both hold a grudge, and charm the socks off of the object of their affection. They are intelligent dogs who respond extremely well to positive, reward based training.

Brought up with children who respect the breed’s independent nature, Scotties will adjust to the children’s activity but, as with all dogs, require close parental supervision to ensure everyone’s safety.

Due to their large deep chest cavities and short legs Scotties, in general, are not good swimmers.  Most are not fond of water.  Scotties must be carefully watched and protected around swimming pools and other open bodies of water.

Favorite games are those that appeal to the Scottie’s hunting instincts: the ball to be pursued, the squeak toy to be demolished, rambles to be enjoyed in fields or even on city streets.The goal of Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida is to place every one of our dogs in a loving, permanent home. Should you adopt one of our Rescue Scotties and give it your affection, you will be rewarded many times over with eternal love and gratitude.