Judging Results- STCTB- Sweepstakes  (December 15, 2022)
Judge Janet Bartholomew

Best in Sweepstakes:  Darlen's Tantalizing Page Turner  (Ellen Avery)   

Best of Opposite Sex-Sweepstakes:   Charthill Double Eyed Whammy

(Kari Hill & Bill Linn)

 Judging Results- STCTB Specialty Show (December 16, 2022)

Total entry:  53   11-14-(13-9) (3 veteran dogs- 3 veteran bitches)

Judge Barbara Casey

1st   Puppy Dogs (6 & under 9mos.):   J-Mar's Return of the Jedi

(Danica, Jerry and Peggy Burge)      

1st   Puppy Dogs (9 & under 12mos.):   Megic Scottish Star Gold  SB Vegas Casino Royal   (Summer Berlinger)

1st   Bred by Exhibitor Dogs:   Jacglens Obans London Fog

(Cheryl Schaeffer, Jacki Forkel and Julie Hill)

1st   Open Dogs:   Dufftown Golden Bear

(Colleen Rafatti and Sonia Hollnagel)

WINNERS DOG:  Dufftown Golden Bear
RESERVE WINNERS DOG:   J-Mar's Return of the Jedi

1st   Puppy Bitches (9 & under 12 mos.):   Sodak Skye's Kinna

(Scott Jacobsen and Susan James-Jacobsen)

1st   Puppy Bitches (12 & under 18 mos.):   Darlen's Tantalizing Page Turner
(Ellen Avery)

1st  Bred by Exhibitor Bitches:   Glenkinch Absolutely Brilliant

(Lisa and Tom Kincheloe)

1st   Open Bitches:  Invercrest Devil in the Dark by Macblain

(Daphne Eggert)

 WINNERS BITCH (Winner of the Laurel Scots Challenge Trophy):  

Glenkinch Absolutely Brilliant

RESERVE WINNERS BITCH:   Darlen's Tantalizing Page Turner

1st   Veteran, 7 Years & Over Dogs:   CH Dufftown's Albus Severus Potter

(Sonia Hollnagel and Jene Anderson)

1st   Veteran, 7 Years & Over Bitches:  CH Brookstones Front Paige News

(Jene Anderson and Sonia Hollnagel)  

BEST VETERAN (Winner of the Auggie Award):

CH Brookstones Front Paige News

BEST OF BREED (Winner of the McNabb Trophy):

CH Kriscots He's a Rebel at Del La Pomme

(Phavida Jaruthavee, Vandra Huber, H Krisko, R Cross and D Cross)

BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX:  GCH Glenby's Woburn Captain Marvel

(Debra Russell and Steve Russell)

BEST OF WINNERS:  Glenkinch Absolutely Brilliant

SELECT DOG:   GCH Anstamm Jacglen's by the Seaside

(Anstamm Kennels)

SELECT BITCH:    GCHG CH Peabar P.S. I Love You

(Karen Lynn, Masa Siroka, Peggy Browne, Deborah and Neil Brower,

and Lisa Gerstner)

AWARD OF MERIT:   GCHS CH Barrister Res Ipsa Loquitur

(Dawn and Devon Polh and Fran Garb)

AWARD OF MERIT:  CH J-Mar's the Show Must Go On

(Danica Burge, Jerry Burch and Peggy Burge)

AWARD OF MERIT:  GCHB CH Ravenbouts Zippadi Dudah

(Nora K Lanning)

Congratulations to all the  2022  Sweepstakes and Specialty winners 

and to everyone who exhibited, participated in planning and fundraisers, and attended to support our club!

Congratulations to Savannah Blunt- the winner of the raffle for the Radley purse!  Enjoy!

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets to help support our Specialty.

A note from our Specialty judge, Barbara Casey