Congratulations to all the  2015 Specialty winners  and to everyone

who exhibited and attended to support our club!

Judging Results- STCTB- Sweepstakes  (Judge: Marianne Melucci) (Total entry: 11)

1st         Junior Dogs (12-18mos.):          Dufftown’s Albus Severus Potter (Sonia Hollnagel and Jene Anderson)
1st         Puppy Bitches (6-9mos.):          Woburn Iron Maiden (Debra and Steve Russell,

                                                                           Ron and Maurine McConnell)
1st         Puppy Bitches (9-12mos.):        Anstamm Baby I’m Worth It (Anstamm Kennels)
1st         Junior Bitches (12-18mos.):       Eroglen’s Frostbite (Sharon Ero and Eric Varner)

Best in Sweepstakes:  Eroglen’s Frostbite
Best of Opposite Sex to Best in Sweepstakes: 
Dufftown’s Albus Severus Potter


Judging Results- STCTB Specialty- Regular Classes(Judge: Mareth Kipp) (Total entry: 31)

1st         12-18mos. Dogs:                     Misty Highlands Prince Farley (Donald Dertod and Judith Dertod)
1st         Bred by Exhibitor Dogs:           Anstamm Demur Lone Star (Anstamm Kennels)
1st         Puppy Bitches (6-9mos.):        Oban’s Key Largo (Oban Kni and Jacglen Kni)
1st         Puppy Bitches (9-12 mos.):     Anstamm Baby I’m Worth It (Anstamm Kennels)
1st         12-18mos. Bitches:                 Eroglen’s A Shot In the Dark At Southmoon (Linda Andresen and

                                                                          Sharon Ero and Eric Varner)
1st         Bred by Exhibitor Bitches:       Woburn Iron Maiden (Debra and Steve Russell and

                                                                          Ron and Maurine McConnell)
1st         American Bred Bitches:           Kiltscots Rose of Mandaley (Mary Graham and Suzanne Graham)

Winner’s Dog:  Anstamm Demur Lone Star
Reserve Winner’s Dog: 
Dufftown’s Albus Severus Potter

Winner’s Bitch:  Woburn Iron Maiden
Reserve Winner’s Bitch: 
Anstamm Baby I’m Worth It

Best of Breed:  GCH Invercrest Gotcha Girl (John and Daphne Eggert)
Best of Winners: 
Anstamm Demur Lone Star (Anstamm Kennels)
Best of Opposite Sex: 
GCH Woburn Camelot Unbridled Spirit (Debra and Steve Russell)
Select Dog: 
GCH Midsmith’s Scotash Macfhionghain (Mary Smith)
Select Bitch: 
CH Morningstar Lagniappe O’Pacesetter (Joan Newman and Donna Mergenstern)
Award of Merit: 
GCH Rock Castle’s Jovial Patriot (Amanda Thomas and Jamie and Barbara Medina)
Award of Merit: 
CH Eroglen’s The Way We Were (Rick Spitzmiller and Sharon Ero)

Special thanks to the individuals who helped turn

the vision for this Specialty into a successful reality!

Show Chairwoman:  Shelia-Faith Barry

STCTB President:  Laurie Slater

STCTB Officers and Directors

Show Committee

                                                   Jene Anderson          Bridget Bower

                                                   Linda Andresen         Pam Lowe

                                                   Sheila-Faith Barry     Judy Makem

Ring Stewards:   Donna Johnson

                     Chris Cagle

Photographer/Reporter:  Colleen Rafatti

Sweepstakes Treats:  Sonia Hollnagel

And everyone else who exhibited, attended as a spectator, purchased logo merchandise,

donated trophies or trophy funds, bought advertising

in the show catalog, and contributed toward show expenses!

2015 Specialty Show and Sweepstakes

2015 STCTB Specialty Show and Sweepstakes

December 11, 2015    Orlando, Florida