Single Membership ($30.00 per year)
Includes voting privileges for the member.

Family Membership ($40.00 per year)
Includes voting privileges for 2 individuals
in the household.

Junior Membership (No cost)
For youth younger than age 18.
No  voting privileges.

Honorary Membership (No cost)
No voting privileges.

New Member Application Process

Step One:  Download, fully complete, and sign the Membership Application and Code of Ethics Statement

(click the links below to access the forms). 

Membership Application Form (in PDF)

Membership Application Form (in Microsoft Word)

Code of Ethics Form

Step Two:  Mail those forms to:

Elizabeth Driscoll

345 Lavista Drive

Cleveland, Georgia 30528

(727) 249-9004

Step Three:  Forward the Sponsor Form for Membership (click the link below to download the form) to the active STCTB

member who will be your membership sponsor, and ask them to return the completed form to Elizabeth Driscoll.

Membership Sponsor Form

Step Four:  Pay your dues using one of several convenient options.  To pay via check/money order

or Venmo/Zelle contact the club treasurer ( or your sponsor.

To pay using PayPal, select your membership category on the button at the bottom of

this page, then click Buy Now.  (Dues payment amounts shown when using PayPal include

a small additional amount to cover the fees assessed to STCTB by PayPal.)

Step Five:  You will be contacted by a STCTB director officer, or designated current member,

to discuss your interest in membership.

Step Six:  Your application for membership will be considered for approval at the

next STCTB Board of Directors meeting.

Step Seven:  Your prospective membership will be presented to the STCTB members.

Step Eight:  You will receive written notice when your membership is approved.

The STCTB depends on volunteers to assist with club committees and activities. 

Click the link below for information about club committees and activities

to identify where you might like to assist.

Committees and Activities

We also suggest that you review the STCTB Constitution and Bylaws to gain more information about what we do. 

The link below will take you to that document.

STCTB Constitution and Bylaws

How to Join the STCTB

Select Membership Category