Congratulations to all the  2015 Specialty winners  and to everyone

who exhibited and attended to support our club!

Judging Results- STCTB- Sweepstakes  (Judge: Marianne Melucci) (Total entry: 11)

1st         Junior Dogs (12-18mos.):          Dufftown’s Albus Severus Potter (Sonia Hollnagel and Jene Anderson)
1st         Puppy Bitches (6-9mos.):          Woburn Iron Maiden (Debra and Steve Russell,

                                                                           Ron and Maurine McConnell)
1st         Puppy Bitches (9-12mos.):        Anstamm Baby I’m Worth It (Anstamm Kennels)
1st         Junior Bitches (12-18mos.):       Eroglen’s Frostbite (Sharon Ero and Eric Varner)

Best in Sweepstakes:  Eroglen’s Frostbite
Best of Opposite Sex to Best in Sweepstakes: 
Dufftown’s Albus Severus Potter


Judging Results- STCTB Specialty- Regular Classes(Judge: Mareth Kipp) (Total entry: 31)

1st         12-18mos. Dogs:                     Misty Highlands Prince Farley (Donald Dertod and Judith Dertod)
1st         Bred by Exhibitor Dogs:           Anstamm Demur Lone Star (Anstamm Kennels)
1st         Puppy Bitches (6-9mos.):        Oban’s Key Largo (Oban Kni and Jacglen Kni)
1st         Puppy Bitches (9-12 mos.):     Anstamm Baby I’m Worth It (Anstamm Kennels)
1st         12-18mos. Bitches:                 Eroglen’s A Shot In the Dark At Southmoon (Linda Andresen and

                                                                          Sharon Ero and Eric Varner)
1st         Bred by Exhibitor Bitches:       Woburn Iron Maiden (Debra and Steve Russell and

                                                                          Ron and Maurine McConnell)
1st         American Bred Bitches:           Kiltscots Rose of Mandaley (Mary Graham and Suzanne Graham)

Winner’s Dog:  Anstamm Demur Lone Star
Reserve Winner’s Dog: 
Dufftown’s Albus Severus Potter

Winner’s Bitch:  Woburn Iron Maiden
Reserve Winner’s Bitch: 
Anstamm Baby I’m Worth It

Best of Breed:  GCH Invercrest Gotcha Girl (John and Daphne Eggert)
Best of Winners: 
Anstamm Demur Lone Star (Anstamm Kennels)
Best of Opposite Sex: 
GCH Woburn Camelot Unbridled Spirit (Debra and Steve Russell)
Select Dog: 
GCH Midsmith’s Scotash Macfhionghain (Mary Smith)
Select Bitch: 
CH Morningstar Lagniappe O’Pacesetter (Joan Newman and Donna Mergenstern)
Award of Merit: 
GCH Rock Castle’s Jovial Patriot (Amanda Thomas and Jamie and Barbara Medina)
Award of Merit: 
CH Eroglen’s The Way We Were (Rick Spitzmiller and Sharon Ero)

Special thanks to the individuals who helped turn

the vision for this Specialty into a successful reality!

Show Chairwoman:  Shelia-Faith Barry

STCTB President:  Laurie Slater

STCTB Officers and Directors

Show Committee

                                                   Jene Anderson          Bridget Bower

                                                   Linda Andresen         Pam Lowe

                                                   Sheila-Faith Barry     Judy Makem

Ring Stewards:   Donna Johnson

                     Chris Cagle

Photographer/Reporter:  Colleen Rafatti

Sweepstakes Treats:  Sonia Hollnagel

And everyone else who exhibited, attended as a spectator, purchased logo merchandise,

donated trophies or trophy funds, bought advertising

in the show catalog, and contributed toward show expenses!

2015 Specialty Highlights

Our 2015 STCTB Specialty Show and

Sweepstakes was a Great Success!

December 11, 2015    Orlando, Florida