Fall Fun Day

Special thanks to our

costume content judge,  Rick Hunter!

Thank you to our agility judge, Roberta Dickson!

Our Fall Fun Day brought out a great crowd of Scottie lovers on a beautiful October day in Florida!

Dozens of Scotties accompanied our members, friends and guests for an enjoyable event. Thank you for coming!

Donna Johnson
Bobbie Armstrong
Thom & Linda Andresen
Casey Kellman
Roberta Dickson
Marcia & Rick Hunter
Dawn Dayringer
Ken Meyer
Burk Beck
Paula Stolicny
Douglas McLeod
Max & Lana Mitchell
Bill & Linda Tankersley
Brad & Ramona Billings
Leslie Condoleo
Denise, Carlos, & Manny
Manuel & Amy Gonzalez
Terri Walker
Julie & Ted Caine
Jeff & Lynn Steinhoff
Todd Persons
Peggy Klimm
Diane & Bruce Durkee
Diane Goodreau
Marty & Jill Happel
Nadia Mendoza
Art, Laura, & Ashley
Pam Murray
Laurie Slater
Patty Spence
Rusty Park
Michele Fujawa
Jene Anderson

Anne Bower

And, we send out a huge AROOOOOO!!! to Pam Murray and her committee who spent so much time organizing, decorating and planning a great experience for all!